On October 20, 1997 I was gloriously saved in my living room on the love seat (I’m glad Jesus make’s house calls!). At the time, I never imagined that almost 23 years later I’d be called as pastor of the great Concord Baptist Church where Brother Sammy Allen served for nearly 6 decades but, after being honored to serve as assistant and associate pastor for approximately 5 years, I humbly accepted the pastorate on August 16, 2020.

Bro. Allen’s faithfulness, fervency, and “following of the old paths” is forever engraved into all of our hearts. As I child I remember attending Concord with my grandmother. She would often testify of her Saviour and Bro. Allen would “thunder the Scriptures! In fact, after my conversion, it was these recollections from my childhood that led me back to Concord. My precious grandmother passed away in 1990 but she undoubtedly “prayed me in! I’m so grateful for the memories of her faithfulness, God’s presence, and God’s preacher that brought me back to Concord Baptist Church. I joined their assembly the very Sunday after I was saved on October 26, 1997 and announced my call to preach in December of the same year.

Also around that time, the Lord began to draw my attention to a pretty auburn haired young lady who had grown up at Concord named Amy West. I have always said I got “the best of the West.” Amy and I were married on April 3, 1999. Since then, the Lord has blessed us with four children, Luke, Katie, Hannah and John.

My family and I count it a privilege to be part of the Concord Baptist Church and the precious people that mean so much to us.